Sep 05, 2018

Billionaire contingency plans

Bloomberg has a fun piece about the apocalypse plans of US tech billionaires.

When shit hits the fan, motorcycle from the Bay Area to Nevada, fly from Nevada to New Zealand, where you've already set up a hidden bunker:

It takes about two weeks to excavate the land and bury the average bunker, Lynch said. It’s all done secretly so local residents aren’t aware. Once installed, passersby would have no way of knowing it’s there.

“There’s no clue left behind, not even a door,” Lynch said.

So the sight of an American billionaire wandering the sheep meadows consulting his GPS and kicking at the dirt can only mean one thing: It must be New Zealand.

I wonder why they're planning to fly out of Nevada, rather than Watsonville or San Jose.

And what do they do upon landing in NZ? Seems fanciful...