Nov 16, 2018

Email newsletters

Last updated: April 2020

Email newsletters are undervalued. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Money Stuff by Matt Levine
    A stupendous amount of good content about, well, money stuff. Publishes almost every weekday. (A favorite.)

  • Gwern by Gwern
    Stuff Gwern has been reading in genetics, machine learning, social science, and statistics. Publishes once a month. Amazing, intimidating, wonderful.

  • Benedict Evans by Benedict Evans
    Silicon Valley trends by an a16z partner. Always high quality. Publishes once a week.

  • Best of Twitter by Alexey Guzey
    Digest of the week's best tweets by Alexey Guzey, who reads a lot of Twitter.

  • Alignment Newsletter by Rohin Shah
    Summary of recent developments in AI alignment, curated by Rohin Shah of CHAI, Richard Ngo of DeepMind, and Dan Hendrycks of Berkeley. Publishes weekly.

  • Axios China by Bill Bishop
    Stories about China, usually on the economy & US-China foreign policy. Publishes once a week. I don't know enough about China to follow many of the stories, but I appreciate the overview. Bishop also writes Sinocism, a daily newsletter also on China.

  • Ridgeline by Craig Mod
    A man walks in Japan & writes about it. Very beautiful.

  • ChinAI by Jeff Ding
    At the intersection of China and AI, by Jeff Ding of FHI & CSET. Publishes weekly.

  • Future Perfect by Vox
    Vox's Effective Altruism vertical in newsletter form. Publishes weekly. I don't read most of the content, but it's interesting to follow what happens to EA as it passes through the Vox filter.

Also I've heard the Daily Stoic is good, but I'm not subscribed as I prefer my mysticism-infused self-help with an Eastern tinge.