Jun 03, 2015

How many productive hours do I have remaining?

This questions has been vaguely on my mind for some time now. Today, I tried to pin it down more precisely.

Headline result: I optimistically have 103,271 productive hours remaining. Pessimistically, I have 78,972 productive hours remaining. [1]

See this spreadsheet for methodology and details.

Rough definition of "productive hour": An hour that results in substantive progress on a work product, a personal project, or a personal goal.

[1]: Assumes 47 years of working 5 days/week for ~9.3 hours/day optimistic or 7.15 hours/day pessimistic, taking 5 weeks off each year, followed by 20 years of retirement (optimistic) or decline (pessimistic). Further assumptions are documented in the spreadsheet.
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