Dec 13, 2022

Mitochondria and moral mazes

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From a correspondent:

I think the phenomenon described in Moral Mazes is very real, but I see it as somewhat more morally neutral.

Large organizations coordinate via ideologies, and they're not going to give you power within that organization unless you prove that you have mimetically absorbed their ideology. You have to be a mind killed partisan in order to gain power, because anyone with internal power and their own agenda is a threat to the superorganism.

Given that these kind of superorganisms are, at least for now, necessary for society and a technological stack to function, I tend to cut them a bit of slack when it comes to their own internal defense and hygiene mechanisms. Yes it has a habit of rejecting or changing people who are chaotic good, and we perceive that as epistemological corruption, but I think we can recognize a kind of detente with these egregores, where we interact with them at arms length, avoid absorbing their ideology, and don't try to disrupt their internal function.

Basically I take it as a given that any organization or social group will literally try to eat my soul, but I understand that from their point of view I'm a cancer that's trying to destroy their soul. So I just kind of raise my epistemological shields but also power down my weapons.


Your best bet is to be something like a mitochondria, showing that you can work with them even if you refuse to let your soul be fully integrated.