Apr 12, 2015

Music from "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night"

Posting this because it does not exist already, and it should.

It's hard to dislike the movie about an Iranian vampiress who skateboards and falls in love with dreamy Iranian James Dean. Couple that premise with a great soundtrack, and we have a real winner.

The great soundtrack (in order of appearance):

  1. Charkheshe Pooch by Kiosk

  2. Gelaye by Radio Tehran

  3. Dancing Girls by Farah

  4. Bashy by the Free Electric Band (sample only, I was unable to find the full track online)

  5. Black Sunday by Federale

  6. Bread Thief by Bei Ru (Not sure if this exists online for free)

  7. Death by White Lies

  8. Sisyphus by Federale

  9. Khabama by Radio Tehran

  10. Thirsty's Return by Federale

  11. Cheshme Man by Dariush

  12. Tatilat by Radio Tehran

  13. Yarom Bia by Kiosk

  14. Hello by Lionel Richie [Bonus Track]

[rereads: 2, edits: fixed a formatting issue with the list]