Apr 15, 2020

Prepping for bitcoiners

With all that's been happening with coronavirus (1, 2), I was thinking about publishing another update of my bug-out bag.

Then I saw Preston Byrne's awesome post about prepping (a), which is much better than any update I would pull together. So just read that!

Preston's key points:

  1. Eliminate debt
  2. Preparedness is a way of life, not a line-item
  3. Start small by building an [everyday carry] loadout
  4. US government guidance is woefully inadequate
  5. Don’t over-prepare
  6. As bad as it is, COVID-19 is probably not "the big one"

For the record, not much has changed since my last update except that we've stocked up on more MREs, dried legumes & rice, and bottled water. I don't expect coronavirus to seriously disrupt the food supply chain in California, though stranger things have happened...