Feb 12, 2019

Ray Dalio's advice to a 20-year-old

Ray Dalio of BridgeWater fame / infamy posted this on LinkedIn a few days ago (apparently he's bullish on LinkedIn as a content platform):

What’s one piece of advice that you think every 20-year-old should hear?

You’re about to enter the beginning of the second phase of your life which is totally different than the first.

Realize that you know virtually nothing about what it’s like so you need to learn what it’s like & how to be great at it.

Be humble & maximize your learning, ideally working in an apprentice relationship with a great boss/mentor & in a great community.

Pick your culture well.

Make sure you always have the right to make sense of things.

Be open-minded & assertive at the same time & learn how to struggle & fail well.

Realize that meaningful work & meaningful relationships will fulfill you & help you be more successful.

Remember pain+reflection=progress so your failures will give you gems/improvements if you diagnose them well.

Be radically truthful & transparent so you triangulate with others & build better relationships.

Refer to principles when you encounter issues to find the appropriate principles to consider how to handle your situation, collect & refer to great principles from people who have been successful & start to write down your own principles.

Ah, there are so many more & to be 20 years old & have all that adventure ahead of you. It’s wonderful! Make the most of it.

Seems on point.