Jan 06, 2018

Shuffering and shmiling

Fela's lyrics on Shuffering and Shmiling (a) are really wonderful. Lyrics start around 9:30 (though the whole song is great).

I especially like his opening:

You Africans, please listen to me as Africans
And you non-Africans, listen to me with open mind

Suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer
Suffer for world
Na your fault be that
Me I say: na your fault be that

I want you all to please take your minds
Out of these musical contraption
And put your minds into any goddamn church
Any goddamn mosque
Any goddamn Celestical
Including Seraphoom and Cheruboom

Now, we are all there now
Our minds are in those places
Here we go ...

But you really need to listen to it to appreciate the delivery.