Jan 19, 2015

Things I found on the internet

I was planning to do some grand self-reflective piece here today, but the internet happened.

And it happened very hard.

So now, because I'm trying to be in bed at a certain time each night, I'm crunched for time. An odd sensation, being crunched for time on pet projects of your own design. But a common one.

There were two main branches of tonight's internet tree:

  1. Tracing the crisis of faith of MIRI's executive director. Which I sent off to some of my Christian friends.

  2. This blog comment about nerds, privilege, and feminism, which spiraled out into a whole mess of critiques and counter-critiques. I sent some of these off to some of my feminist friends. This Slate Star Codex piece resonated with me the most. It also grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me facefirst into an ever-expanding elastic well of pop culture references, intimate anecdotes, and medical studies. In the most enjoyable way something like that can happen.

Time's up.

Now let's all take a moment to watch Mike do what Mike does best.

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